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Representative, thank you for your hard work representing us! As someone you represent, however, I am concerned about how you voted on bills that combat climate change. Though you have supported a few bills, I would love to see your name more frequently as a leader who supports a sustainable future. I care about climate change because:

  • Its impacts are widespread
  • Citizens who are least able to adapt are the ones most affected
  • Earth’s natural systems are becoming ever more unbalanced
  • Our actions against climate change will be emulated around the world
  • This planet is the only one we’ve got!

I hope that you will consider my voice and understand the serious consequences of climate change. You have the potential to lead this country towards a more sustainable future and I hope you will lead responsibly moving forwards.

Representative: Nita Lowey

State: New York

District: NY-17

Party: Democrat

Grade: C-