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Climate Scores

Some senators and representatives listen to you. They recognize the dangers of climate change; they hear your concerns about it, and they use their votes to represent your hope for a sustainable future. Others in Congress are listening to the coal, oil, and gas companies who use their campaign contributions to shape public policy. They stand in the way of our country's efforts at a safe, clean energy economy.

At Climate Scores, we keep track of who's voting for bills and amendments that promote renewable energy, climate change mitigation, greenhouse gas regulation, and subsidies and tax policies that encourage a cleaner world - and who's standing in the way.

We give you the tools to influence your representatives yourself, with links to each member's Facebook page, Twitter handle and e-mail address, and their phone numbers.

We think you deserve to know what your elected representatives on Capitol Hill are doing about the defining issue of our generation.

Donations of any amount help us keep you informed on your Senators and Representatives. And sharing Climate Scores through Facebook and Twitter lets your friends and family know about our work.

"Check out this incredibly easy and helpful scorecard on federal legislators' votes on climate issues #climatechange." - Sierra Club

"Learn how your elected officials stand on climate change? Check out this great tool, Climate Scores, and make your voice heard." - Majora Carter

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